I can’t get pregnant!

Don’t wait any longer! Start the treatment as soon as possible! Check what the most common causes of infertility are.

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How should I start treatment?

How should I start treatment and prepare for the appointment, what medical checks should I make before the appointment?

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Available methods of treatment

Cycle monitoring, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization with additional procedures.

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Welcome to INVICTA Fertility Clinic

We have been specialising in the treatment of infertile couples for over 14 years. Thanks to your trust we can perfect our methods and provide treatment which is more effective than ever before!

 Professor Krzysztof Łukaszuk PhD, MD
Chief of INVICTA Fertility Clinics

News (blog posts)

High quality of DNA testing in Poland

Tests evaluating predispositios  to hereditary diseases and genetic background of various abnormalities have been more and more commonly used in [...]

Polish genetic tests rated among world’s best

Genetics is currently one of the most dynamically developing medical fields. DNA tests are more and more often used as [...]

Certified embryo genetic testing – the only one in Poland

Thanks to PGS preimplantation diagnostics it is possible to effectively reduce the rate of genetic defects in children. This test [...]

Poland’s Number One Fertility Clinic

In September this year Gazeta Wyborcza published the list of the best Polish in vitro clinics. The INVICTA Clinic in [...]

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IVF Egg Freezing Program


Advanced Semen Testing

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PGS-NGS 360º

Preimplantation embryo genetic diagnosis using NGS method
Testing 24 chromosomes!