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IVF All Inclusive Egg Donation Program


Program compliant with the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) Guidelines

Why do Patients choose IVF Egg Donation Program?

  • The shortest waiting time for egg cells in Poland – from 1 week
  • Fresh eggs program
  • Frozen eggs program
  • The possibility of selecting donor characteristics (race, age, height, weight, blood type, education, hair colour, eye colour)
  • In Vitro program supervised by the experts of the largest embryological laboratory in Poland.
Well, my story is a bit dramatic. A the age of 31, after two years of unsuccessful trying for a child, the doctor told me that I have premature menopause and my ovaries stopped producing egg cells. It was a tragedy …I dreamt about a child, and my husband too. Although specialists in other centres didn’t give any chances, we decided to have a consultation visit at INVICTA Fertility Clinic in Warsaw. Professor Łukaszuk, as the expert in impossible things, was recommended to me by my friend. And it happened. I am pregnant. With the help of a kind-hearted donor and huge support from the Clinic’s staff and the psychologist who led us through this difficult process I can finally feel fulfilled.
M., Warsaw
I thank the entire team of the Clinic for their help. I took part in the egg donation program and, although the treatment was a hard time for me, thanks to you I will have fond memories of it. Excellent attitude to patients, all documents perfectly understandable, support at every step, possibility to choose a donor and a very well organised service. I recommend the Clinic to the ladies who have a similar problem.
Kelly B., London


Average program efficacy:


Standard egg donation program. It requires the synchronisation of the egg donor’s and recipient’ cycles – which is the reason for less flexibility in arranging the dates of visits for the recipient. The date of embryo transfer is set on the basis of the donor’s cycle and on the moment of egg collection.

  • fresh eggs
  • fresh embryo transfer
  • synchronised cycle

Cost: 4.900 EUR


Average program efficacy:


Egg donation program for Patients who expect flexibility and adjusting the dates of visits to their individual situation. The program doesn’t require the synchronisation of the egg donor’s and recipient’ cycles; therefore the embryo transfer to the recipient can take place practically at any previously set date.

  • fresh eggs
  • embryo freezing
  • frozen embryo transfer
  • unsynchronised cycle

Cost: 4.650 EUR


Average program efficacy:


Egg donation program using frozen eggs from the INVICTA Egg Bank. The program doesn’t require the synchronisation of the egg donor’s and recipient’ cycles; therefore the embryo transfer to the recipient can take place practically at any previously set date.

  • frozen eggs from INVICTA bank
  • frozen or fresh embryo transfer
  • unsynchronised cycle

Cost: 4.250 EUR

About the Program

IVF All Inclusive Egg Donation Program is a solution for women who do not have their own or have too few eggs to carry out a successful in vitro fertilization procedure. It guarantees the patient the highest level of safety and quality of the material – the honorary egg donors of the INVICTA Gene Bank undergo a rigorous medical and psychological qualification as well as numerous tests, including infectious and genetic tests. The whole process is conducted in accordance with standards of international organizations dealing with assisted reproduction and embryology (including ASRM, ESHRE).

Donor Egg IVF Program is the help you needn’t wait for. You may start the treatment practically at any time – a waiting time for the appropriate egg ranges from only one to several weeks. The ability to select an egg donor after obtaining information about her age, blood type, eye and hair colour, height, education is truly a great advantage. As a result there is a greater likelihood of your child inheriting desirable characteristics.

IVF Egg Donation Program is unique to due to its transparency rules – the Patients from the very beginning know how much fresh and frozen eggs will be used during their procedure. In addition, during the entire treatment process the patients are attended by the qualified staff and physicians with experience in conducting in vitro fertilization with gamete donation.

IVF All Inclusive Egg Donation Program includes:

Donor’s selection (including all necessary tests and medications for the donor)
Eggs collection from a donor or Frozen oocytes from European Genetic Egg Bank INVICTA
Visits - all ultrasound assessments during treatment cycle and consultations with midwives
IVF medications
All tests during treatment cycle including:
Laboratory tests- after embryo transfer, Laboratory tests before frozen embryo transfer
Sperm preparation and freezing
Blastocyst culture
AH (assisted hatching)
IMSI-MSOME / FAMSI / Donor sperm (from INVICTA European Genetic Sperm Bank)
- one procedure for selection in accordance with medical indications
Embryo Glue
Embryo transfer
Implantation supervision (3 verifications)
Follow up medical consultation in the event of a negative outcome

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