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IVF Embryo Freezing Program


Preimplantation Genetic Diangosis / Screening

Program for Patients who want to obtain more embryos for performing PGS/PGS-NGS.

IVF Embryo Freezing Program

  • A single lump sum or a complete In Vitro program (1 cycle) with procedures in in vitro laboratory and fresh embryo biopsy – from the very beginning you know how much you pay!
  • A package of stimulation medicine – without any limit
  • Most efficient medical procedures
  • Program implemented by the most experienced team of embryologists in Poland, led by Joanna Liss, PhD
  • Treatment cheaper up to 15%

IVF Embryo Freezing

2598 EUR
  • A comprehensive IVF program including visits, tests and procedures in in vitro laboratory
  • Stimulation medicines not included

IVF Embryo Freezing +

3498 EUR
  • A comprehensive IVF program including visits, tests and procedures in in vitro laboratory
  • Stimulation medicines included in the package

About the Program

IVF program – Embryo Freezing is a unique, comprehensive solution for Patients who, for various reasons (including medical ones – e.g. poor response to stimulation, scarce number of eggs / embryos obtained in previous IVF programs) want to have their embryos frozen for their storage and diagnostics with the innovative PGD/PGS NGS diagnostic technique.

The package includes one in vitro cycle with visits, tests for infectious diseases, ICSI and culture in in vitro laboratory, ending with material collection from embryos (biopsy) and embryo freezing. The offer is intended for Patients who want to optimise the treatment and subject to genetic testing the material from more than one embryos (up to 8 embryos).

Within the program couples can also plan the treatment in the way that suits them best (the date of embryo transfer after diagnostics).

IVF Embryo Freezing  Program includes:

Visits - all ultrasound assessments during treatment cycle
IVF medications without limits
All tests during treatment cycle including:
- Laboratory tests prior to egg collection surgery (anesthesia)
- Stimulation control - 8th day of stimulation tests
- Laboratory tests prior to egg collection surgery (pick up)
Anesthetic consultation
General anesthesia for eggs collection procedure
Eggs collection with ultrasound (Pick up)
Semen preparation
Blastocyst culture
Biopsy of fresh embryos
Biopsy material freezing
Embryos freezing (vitrification) and one year storage
Follow up medical consultation in the event of a negative outcome
IVF Embryo Freezing2.598 EUR
IVF Embryo Freezing+3.498 EUR

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