How to choose Egg Donor

Autor: INVICTA | 16 November 2015

In Vitro With Egg Donor programs are a solution for couples with female infertility factor. It is meant for women [...]

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All there is to know about IVF

Autor: INVICTA | 10 October 2015

Among all recently developed medical technologies one of the most radically effecting human perspective is medically assisted reproduction. It has [...]

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IVF with donor sperm – all there is to know

Autor: INVICTA | 6 September 2015

One of the reason of couple’s inability to successfully conceive the baby is a male infertility – male factor that [...]

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IVF with Eggs of a donor – what you should know

Autor: INVICTA | 13 August 2015

IVF is a procedure of fertilization of an egg cell in laboratory conditions. It falls into categories due to, among [...]

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IVF abroad: short journey to a completely new life

Autor: INVICTA | 16 July 2015

Why patients from UK, Scandinavia, Germany, Russia looking for ivf abroad – choose INVICTA IVF Centers in Poland? [...]

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IVF with own eggs

Autor: INVICTA | 16 June 2015

In vitro treatment is the process of fertilizing eggs and sperm outside a woman's body. These days it is becoming [...]

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IVF in Greece – why choose Greece for IVF treatment?

Autor: INVICTA | 25 May 2015

Greece is a beautiful country offering breathtaking views and many interesting ancient archeological sites. Apart from being a popular holiday [...]

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IVF Ukraine – to go or not to go?

Autor: INVICTA | 29 April 2015

Despite the present political situation in the Ukraine, many people still decide to travel there for in vitro treatment. Some [...]

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