DNA tests – only in a proven laboratory

Autor: INVICTA | 30 March 2017

The analysis of genetic predispositions for diseases is becoming the key element of the modern preventive healthcare. There is even [...]

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IVF with donor sperm – all there is to know

Autor: INVICTA | 6 September 2015

One of the reason of couple’s inability to successfully conceive the baby is a male infertility – male factor that [...]

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IVF with Eggs of a donor – what you should know

Autor: INVICTA | 13 August 2015

IVF is a procedure of fertilization of an egg cell in laboratory conditions. It falls into categories due to, among [...]

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Infertility – is this about us?

Autor: INVICTA | 11 February 2015

Infertility is an increasingly common problem. According to estimates, approximately 15% couples try for a baby unsuccessfully. The rising [...]

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What’s a psychologist got to do with in vitro?

Autor: INVICTA | 3 January 2015

So you are trying for a baby? You are planning the name, interior of the baby’s room, taking pregnancy test [...]

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Preserving fertility – Oncofertility

Autor: INVICTA | 19 October 2014

A cancer disease often necessitates the aggressive radio- or chemotherapy. Although such type of treatment gives the patients the chance [...]

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Female fertility – test and examinations

Autor: INVICTA | 11 April 2014

AMH? It is worth looking more closely at one test which, in the case of women, can say a lot [...]

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