Through our Patients’ eyes – Daria

Autor: Aurelia Kurczyńska | 9 March 2015

I am sitting on a bench with a book. The sun is warming my cheeks. I am smiling. On the [...]

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We were treated for infertility for a long time

Autor: INVICTA | 1 February 2015

Sometimes I thought to myself that we were dinosaurs – while reading fora I knew already the answers to many [...]

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My youngest brother was born with the Down syndrome

Autor: INVICTA | 5 January 2015

I got married before I was 30 and we started trying to have a child. Unfortunately, the time was going [...]

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Through our Patients’ eyes – Tomasz

Autor: INVICTA | 21 December 2014

I was always one of those exceptionally ambitious and determined men. For many years I was focused mainly on my [...]

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INVICTA Fertility Clinic undertook to create the solution tailored to us

Autor: INVICTA | 19 December 2014

My name is Monica. Now I am a happy mom but on my way to this I lived through a [...]

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I knew at once that it wasn’t going to be easy…

Autor: INVICTA | 30 November 2014

I met my partner in the very late period of our lives. Or I would rather say – we just [...]

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Spontaneous abortions

Autor: INVICTA | 13 November 2014

Actually, already during our university years. We were among only few couples who thought of family already in that time. [...]

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Through our Patients’ eyes – Marta

Autor: INVICTA | 30 September 2014

We are publishing – to uplift hearts and rekindle hopes – a letter from Marta. The [...]

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