GnRH antagonists (e.g. Cetrotide)

This is another class of medications which, when administered, prevent premature ovulation. They are used for a short period of […]

Progesterone (e.g. Lutein, Lutinus)

Progesterone and in some cases administered estradiol (e.g. Estrofem, Estraderm). Progesterone and estradiol are hormones which are normally produced by […]

Antiestrogens (e.g. Clostilbegyt)

Antiestrogens selectively prevent estradiol from binding to hypothalamic receptors. The drug’s action interrupts the negative feedback mechanism. Gonadotropin formation is […]

Oral contraceptives

Many stimulation protocols start with the doctor’s recommendation to take contraceptives. Typically, contraceptives are taken for 2-4 weeks before the […]

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