Embryo evaluation

The embryologist’s daily bread, or a few words about the new standards of cell and embryo assessment recommended by the […]

What is assisted hatching – AH?

Assisted hatching (AH) is a procedure performed in in vitro laboratories by experienced embryologists. It consists in making an incision […]

Methods of sperm selection

The majority of IVF procedures is performed by means of ICSI technique, where an egg cell is fertilized by introducing […]

Egg cell quality

Egg cell collection Egg cell collection is carried out under ultrasound guidance. Ovarian follicles are punctured with a long needle, […]

FAMSI – when semen is not perfect

FAMSI – (Functional fine, Acrosome activated, Morphologically Selected sperm Injection) What does the technique consist in? In this technique, in […]

Sperm – general information

Sperm cells form from undifferentiated male germ cells, the so-called spermatogonia. The cycle of sperm forming and maturing lasts for […]

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