Happiness can come to everybody- a story of Weronika and Andrzej

//Happiness can come to everybody- a story of Weronika and Andrzej

Happiness can come to everybody- a story of Weronika and Andrzej

Weronika had a concrete plan for her life and she consequently put it into practice. School, studies, hobby, work, husband and family- she got organized around her goals and she took action in order to achieve them. When the time for kids came, everything went perfectly well. After three month of trying to conceive she became pregnant. She received this information calmly, but she was a bit surprised- many person around her had lesser or greater problems with fertility, while she and her husband managed to conceive almost at the beginning of the road. Weronika could not hide her happiness from the relatives and friends; she had everything planned already in the first weeks: the decoration of the room, the pram model, the furniture and the layette.

Lost pregnancies

However, the fate proved to be cruel. She suffered a miscarriage in the 12th week of pregnancy. The doctors concluded that it was probably due to a fetal defect. Weronika could not come to terms with that. She could not pull herself together. Still, she did not want to give up… She became pregnant once again already after a year. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage in the 6th week. This event completely threw her off her balance. She crawled into her shell and for a long time she did not think about trying to conceive again. Two lines on the test appeared only after two years. This time she was pregnant with twins. Unfortunately one of the fetuses was developing incorrectly and it was removed in approx. 6th week of pregnancy. The second one was developing as ectopic pregnancy- the worst occurred in the 10th week. For Weronika another miscarriage was a huge blow. She had a fragment of the fallopian tube removed during the procedure, which- as they informed her- could impact her fertility in the future. She broke down. Despite the fact that she wanted a child so much, she did not want to undergo another painful experience. When after half a year of severe nervous breakdown she managed to shed off the trauma, they decided to try further. However, this time their efforts did not result in the desired pregnancy.

Further efforts: ovulation induction

Then they decided to visit a specialist clinic. The examinations were conducted and no irregularities were found in the uterus and in the right fallopian tube that had not been operated before. No disorders were also found in the case of Andrzej- the results of semen tests and the conducted genetic examinations were correct. The physician told Weronika to undergo a panel of immunological, first time and genetic tests- all the results were unremarkable. The physician was also concerned with excessively high level of prolactin. Therefore the plan of balancing this hormone level and stimulation were implemented. In compliance with the physician’s recommendations the couple was to try again to conceive naturally with the so-called ovulation induction support.

Decision: In vitro with PGD

Unfortunately, they still could not get pregnant. Weronika was already tired. Each new month of trying and waiting for the test result- she could not take that anymore. They decided to undergo an in vitro procedure with preimplantation diagnosis. Since previous miscarriages could be related to a genetic factor, they wanted to examine the embryos with the view to reduction of the risk of defects. Despite the fact that the very treatment process was not that easy and pleasant, they unanimously claim that it was the best decision they had made. They managed to conceive already upon the first attempt! The pain, the fear, the visits in the Infertility Treatment Clinic – all that was forgotten and Weronika was the happiest woman in the world.

Taught by experience from previous pregnancies, Weronika took great care of herself and the unborn child, she went to the doctor and she followed the recommendations. She did all that to avoid the repetition of the nightmare from the past. She wanted to keep this pregnancy so much. However, fear makes things twice bad as they are- after 9 month Weronika and Andrzej welcomed a healthy and beautiful daughter. Already then they knew that they wanted little Ola to have a sibling. As they say, they will certainly ask the specialists for help in fulfilling this dream in a while.

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