In Vitro With Egg Donor programs are a solution for couples with female infertility factor. It is meant for women who do not have their own eggs, or have too little to carry out an effective procedure for in vitro fertilization. When deciding to proceed with this kind of infertility treatment patients often run up against the question of how to choose appropriate place and egg donor that matches them the best. The program of Egg Donation developed by INVICTA clinics is the unique opportunity that allows to connect the potential donors and receivers.

The INVICTA IVF with Egg Donor program using cells from INVICTA Genetic Bank guarantees the highest safety and quality of the genetic material – all the donors undergo thorough medical and psychological qualification and evaluation along with many tests and examination, including infectious and genetic. The entire process complies with international standards organizations involved in assisted reproduction and embryology.

Generally egg donors need to be healthy, of young age and good shape meaning body mass index have to be within healthy standards. Clinics offering egg donation need to rule out infections and diseases, check if donors are genetically and psychologically healthy as well as mentally prepared and determined to make a donation. INVICTA Clinics ensure the safety of the procedure and high probability of positive effect. For patients preferences and convenience it is up to them to decide what type of donor egg they choose – whether it is fresh or frozen egg. IVF with frozen egg leaves more room for adjustment of the time of donation and receiving as well as allows using same donor’s egg after significant amount of time.

Thanks to broad availability of cells it is possible to narrow down the search by some criteria. Along with highest quality the biggest advantage of using INVICTA Fertility Clinics is wide opportunities for the choice of registered donors by their features such as ethnicity or ancestry or some physical attributes. It is possible to choose egg donor due to the information about her eye and hair colour, height, blood type. We know how important it is for parents to have their children look like them. Therefore, when choosing an egg donor, we always compare the phenotypic characteristics of the donor with the recipient.