There are many papers about the efficacy of IVF procedures. Even more information can be found online about the methods supporting this therapy. Proper diet, exercise, supplements… meanwhile the most recent study results prove that couples preparing to IVF can boost their chances of pregnancy using one of the earliest forms of healing – acupuncture.

Its beneficial effect on human body was discovered by Chinese medics already approximately 500 years BC. Acupuncture involves inserting thin needles into the body at specific points. As a result, blood in these regions flows faster, exerting positive impact on the function of internal organs and enhancing the process of cell renewal. Sounds interesting? And this is only a part of the advantages of acupuncture.

The efficacy of IVF procedure depends, among others, not only on the general health condition of the female and male partner, but also on the proper hormone activity and function of the immune system. In both cases acupuncture is very helpful. Moreover, the treatments lead to reduced tension and better stress management, and improve mood. At the different stages of the IVF process, they have various effects – in the course of stimulation they prompt testicles and ovaries to more intensive work.

As a result, the female body more efficiently responds to the administered medicines, and the egg cells collected for the purposes of in vitro fertilisation are of better quality. As regards men, after acupuncture treatments the improvement in the semen parameters and sperm cell count is observed. During preparations to the transfer acupuncture increases the endometrial blood perfusion and has impact on the thickening and softening of the mucosa. This way the optimal conditions for embryo implantation are created.

Do you still have doubts? The evidence that it works can be provided by the results of studies on IVF and acupuncture, conducted by the scientists under the lead of Ying Cheong from the University of Southampton and the Princess Anne Hospital. According to their report, “acupuncture applied in the period of embryo transfer increases the live birth rate” – it is higher than in patients not receiving acupuncture treatment by as much as 59%! The positive impact of acupuncture on the efficacy of IVF is supported also in the scientific press (e.g. in the studies published in 2005 and 2006 in “Fertility and Sterility”, July 2005; Vol. 84: pages 141-147; Volume 85, Issue 5 May 2006, Pages 1341-1358). All this painless and safe. So – move to action!