Naprotechnology is an abbreviation formed from the words Natural Procreative Technology. It is a method of infertility diagnosis and treatment, initiated 30 years ago. As regards its assumptions, it consists in conducting the detailed observations of a woman’s body and of the course of her menstrual cycle. On this basis, individual guidelines on the sexual intercourses for a given couple are established. Generally, the procedure lasts for approx. 24 months – in this period, the physician, together with the female patient, conducts the observation of the natural physical and biochemical processes occurring in her body and then helps her to determine the optimal time for sexual intercourse. If these actions don’t bring the results, the whole process is repeated.

A therapy in a specialized fertility center quite often includes similar measures. The procedure at the clinic is based on actual knowledge, cycle monitoring and test results. However, if there are appropriate indications, the period of treatment with basic methods is shortened in order to increase the chances of achieving pregnancy when patients are still in optimal age.

Naprotechnology or basic treatment of infertility is not an alternative for other methods of assisted reproduction. It is a solution for couples with idiopathic infertility, without serious health problems, where a woman is under 35 years of age. It will not bring any results in the case of advanced male infertility factor (e.g. poor semen parameters, sperm production disorders), fallopian tube obstruction, endometriosis, anatomical anomalies in a woman and a man, genetic problems and in many other situations. According to the recommendation of the Polish Gynecological Society, the procedure of in vitro fertilization has the proven and the highest effectiveness among all methods of treating infertility.

The natural methods for enhancing fertility and the methods of assisted reproductive medicine complement – and not exclude – each other. At the INVICTA Clinic, we take into account the health determinants and we talk with patients about the effectiveness of a given solution in their case. We speak openly about when the natural methods can work out and when the only way to fulfill the dream of parenthood is insemination or in vitro. If the Patients who come to our Clinic have a world view or believe in values which make their use of the in vitro fertilization impossible, we try to propose other procedures. The decision which path of treatment to take is always made by the Couple.

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Published: 2 November 2015 Updated: 4 April 2017