• Egg cells may be frozen in the following cases:
  • cancer disease – planned radio- or chemotherapy
  • preservation of the fertility of female patients who want to plan a pregnancy in the future
  • in the case where the patient decides to have one egg fertilized, the remaining egg cells are frozen (e.g. for ethical reasons)
  • in the case where patients choose egg freezing in order to limit embryo freezing
  • preservation of the possibility to continue the treatment using assisted reproductive technology in the case of fertilization of the specified number of egg cells in the course of in vitro procedure

Egg freezing is carried out on the day of their pick-up.

Risk associated with egg freezing

There is no certainty that all eggs can be frozen. There is no 100% certainty that the egg cells will thaw out properly or that they can be fertilized after thawing out and that, in the result of fertilization, embryos will develop from them which can be given to the uterus. Theoretically, cryopreservation techniques may damage cells.

The INVICTA in vitro laboratory has the most extensive experience in Poland in using cryopreservation techniques. The effectiveness of egg freezing at the INVICTA Clinics is on average 92% (% of the thawed eggs).

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Published: 3 November 2015 Updated: 3 April 2017