After the embryo transfer, the patient can voluntarily and at her discretion avail herself of the procedure called “embryo implantation supervision” and of further medical consultations, i.e. verifications (4 and 5). Under the procedure of embryo implantation supervision, three medical consultations are held; in the framework of such consultation, the dosing of medications recommended by the physician is adjusted based on the previously (on the day of consultation) determined levels of hormones ordered by the physician (estradiol, progesterone, HCG). Hormone level monitoring and drug dose adjustment influence the embryo implantation in the uterus. During the consultations, the patients can talk to the doctor about the issues related to the IVF procedure, report any potential health problems and clarify any doubts.

Sample collection for laboratory (hormonal) tests and the consultations for the verification purposes should take place on the spot in the INVICTA Clinic, while the samples should be examined in the INVICTA Medical Laboratories. In special cases, there is a possibility to carry out the tests in the facility other than the INVICTA laboratory.

The test results should be then delivered by the patient in writing (scanned document sent by email, Invicta on-line) together with the reference values. The decision concerning further procedures is in such a case, subject to the patient’s consent, provided by the treating physician or by the FC doctor on duty by phone (the talks are recorded) and in writing (by email, Invicta on-line).

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Published: 3 November 2015 Updated: 31 March 2017