IMSI-MSOME (Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection with Motile Sperm Organelle Morphology Examination) consists in injecting an oocyte with a sperm cell with a thoroughly evaluated morphology. The analysis is performed with the use of modern microscopic equipment. Prior to its injecting into the egg cell, the sperm is evaluated in detail for the number, quality and distribution of vacuoles on its surface and for its shape, which allows to select the best possible sperm as regards its visual inspection.

This procedure is recommended for patients with confirmed teratozoospermia, abnormal sperm morphology confirmed in semen analysis performed with the use of HOS (hypo-osmotic swelling) and MSOME technique.

Compared with the standard ICSI technique, IMSI-MSOME significantly reduces the rate of miscarriages in this patient population; however, it does not exclude the risk of aneuploidy in the sperm.

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Published: 3 November 2015 Updated: 3 April 2017