This particularly cruel statement is – it seems – the expression of the lack of elementary knowledge about the biology of human reproduction. Whether we talk about natural conception resulting from sexual intercourse, or about in vitro fertilization, on average only one in four embryos develops properly and can lead to the birth of a child. The other embryos die spontaneously. In the case of natural efforts, the embryos which are defective or do not implant into the uterus are removed from the woman’s body, e.g. during menstruation. In the in vitro program, the stop of development is observed in laboratory. The method of conception affects the embryos’ chances for survival insofar as the embryos in laboratory settings are not exposed to toxic substances, or the effects of abnormal function of the immune system of the future mother or her antibodies.

In general, the prognosis depends primarily on the health condition of partners, their age, the quality of their gametes. Biology is ruthless – before a human can be born, many embryos die. This is a normal process, intended to result in the birth of a healthy child. People mustn’t consider it outrageous and defy the laws of nature. The statement that the “death” of embryos is typical exclusively for the in vitro procedure is a manipulation, while using the information distorted in such manner for the purposes of propaganda seems highly unethical.

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Published: 3 November 2015 Updated: 4 April 2017