The division into naprotechnology centers which use “natural” methods and “evil” in vitro clinics, created by certain circles, is absolutely fictitious. In both cases, the initial proceedings are very similar. A couple undergoes detailed diagnostic testing for the cause of the problem. The patients’ general health condition is analyzed, the cycle course and hormone balance are monitored, semen parameters are checked.

The physician, together with the couple, considers various treatment methods and selects the therapy on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes, basic methods suffice – determining the time point for sexual intercourse, cycle regulation, stimulation, minor intervention. However, in some cases, these methods will be totally ineffective. The basic methods will not bring any results in the case of advanced male factor (e.g. poor semen parameters, sperm production disorders), fallopian tube obstruction, endometriosis, genetic problems, so-called idiopathic, i.e. unexplained, infertility. In most cases, pregnancy will be possible only with the use of specialized procedures. Naprotechnology is not an alternative for other methods of assisted reproduction.

In more difficult cases and after failed initial treatment, patients should be directed towards other, more advanced methods. In the case of naprotechnology, ineffective measures are repeated, which, in relation to their results, become in addition very costly. It is worth remembering that according to the recommendation of the Polish Gynecological Society, the procedure of in vitro fertilization has the proven and the highest effectiveness among all methods of treating infertility.

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Published: 3 November 2015 Updated: 4 April 2017