The effectiveness of miscarriage treatment depends on the cause of miscarriages. If miscarriages are caused by e.g. translocations, on average 1 in 6 pregnancies can be achieved naturally and result in giving birth to a healthy child, which is a relatively rare result. In other words, a woman trying for a child with the use of natural methods loses on average approximately 3 to 5 years of her life to obtain one healthy child. In the case of application of the in vitro fertilization technique, with high ovarian reserve, we are able to obtain more egg cells and find healthy embryos, while the effectiveness rises to approx. 40-45%. In such a case, almost every second patient at the first try can achieve pregnancy which will result in giving birth to a healthy child. If the recurrent miscarriages are related to hormone disorders, the therapy is quite simple, we recommend supplementation with progesterone and estrogens in large doses. We have been applying hormonal treatment commonly for many years, and it brings effects virtually from the first pregnancy. In the case of immunological factor, the immunosuppressive therapy often ends with success. If there is a lack of success, the use of immunoglobulins shows results only in some couples. The proper application of immunoglobulins requires multiple doses, which constitutes a huge cost and for this reason is not common in Poland.

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Published: 25 April 2016 Updated: 18 April 2017