• The general risk associated with the IVF procedure which can prevent or hinder the embryo’s implantation in the uterus, cause embryo’s defects or miscarriage:
  • It is possible that during ovarian stimulation, despite pharmacological treatment, mature ovarian follicles will not be obtained. Egg cells may not reach the sufficient level of maturity. They can also reach maturity too early and be released from ovaries spontaneously.
  • It is possible that during ovum pick-up, the expected cells will not be obtained. This may be caused by excessive movements of the ovaries, distant location of the ovaries during puncture, adhesions present in the abdominal cavity or other anatomical anomalies within the abdominal cavity.
  • Semen intended for in vitro fertilization may have worse parameters than at the time of previous analyses, or there may be difficulties with its collection. In such a case, the use of frozen sperm or sperm obtained by means of testicular biopsy may be required.
  • Egg cells fertilization may fail.
  • Single eggs may be fertilized by more than one sperm cell.
  • The fertilized eggs may fail to divide.
  • The fertilized egg cells may fail to develop or their development may be defective.
  • The embryos may not implant in the uterine cavity.

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Published: 3 November 2015 Updated: 3 April 2017