A month before starting stimulation, i.e. on day 1-20 of the previous cycle, contraceptive pills should be taken, selected according to doctor’s recommendations.

After approximately 14 days of preparation with contraceptive preparations, i.e. from day 21 of the previous cycle, taking GnRH agonist starts, and then, after approximately 14-20 days of their taking and after menstruation (the first day of menstruation is considered also the first day of spotting which will occur in the course of taking agonists and which is not followed by more intensive bleeding typical for menstruation), gonadotropins are added. Gonadotropin dosage is determined by the doctor at the visit, based on ultrasound examination and laboratory test results (estradiol, LH, PRG). The dose of drugs can change at subsequent visits. It depends on the ovaries’ reaction to administered drugs.

During the long agonist protocol, in the second part of stimulation, the patients receives – for example in the morning – an agonist and gonadotropins.

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Published: 3 November 2015 Updated: 28 March 2017