The situation of women aged 40 and more, struggling with the problem of infertility requires a special approach. The chances of pregnancy at this age are limited, and the diagnosis for the causes of infertility, as well as the methods of treatment, are usually designed quite individually. Ever since its foundation, INVICTA has been helping mature patients to fulfill their motherhood dreams. by applying innovative solutions which enhance the effectiveness of therapies.

In the treatment of patients over 40 years of age, physicians most often take one of the following directions:

  • Where it is possible to collect a patient’s own egg cells, and if the karyotype test results are normal – application of the standard in vitro fertilization program with appropriately adjusted stimulation and preimplantation diagnosis for disorders related to the woman’s age.
  • In women with significantly decreased ovarian reserve and the risk of stimulation failure – implementation of the in vitro fertilization program with a donor’s egg.
  • In women with significant risk of fetal genetic defects related to the genetic disorders in the family – application, within the IVF program, special preimplantation diagnosis PGD NGS.

Women who decide to become mothers in their mature age should consider performing a number of tests which will allow to assess their health condition and determine whether they can go through the pregnancy period safely. The obtained results will also allow to plan the path of further proceedings as well as to choose the patient management method and additional procedures.

Before the initiation of treatment, women aged 40 or more are advised to carry out the following tests in addition to standard diagnosis for infertility:

  • Assessment for the blood level of free testosterone
  • Determination of the total vitamin D level in blood
  • Test panel for immune disorders
  • Genetic tests for FMR1 gene mutations
  • Mammography, breast ultrasound and ECG, and potentially chest radiograph
  • Exercise stress tests
  • Glucose tolerance tests, lipid profile, clotting tests, fecal occult blood test

Furthermore, a consultation with an infertility treatment specialist is recommended. If a woman is over 40, the doctor should pay special attention to the probability of cardiovascular diseases, gestational diabetes and hypertension. Moreover, the increased obstetric risk related to the impact of the advanced age and any medical conditions which could affect the course of pregnancy should be considered.

In the case of mature patients, it is important to plan the process of stimulation individually as well as to implement adequate procedures in the process of embryo incubation and embryo monitoring with the use of the TimeLapse system.

Did you know that...

The aspect which is very important for the success of the treatment is keeping the appropriate diet and leading a healthy lifestyle in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations.

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Published: 5 November 2015 Updated: 4 April 2017