• A standard procedure of in vitro fertilization (IVF) consists of the following stages:
  • the couple’s qualification and preparation to the program
  • signing necessary documents
  • ovulation (induction) stimulation, a period when the female patient is given medications with the aim to achieve the growth of many egg cells
  • egg cell collection from an ovary or ovaries (ovum pick-up) – most often under general anesthesia
  • egg cell fertilization with partner or donor sperm in laboratory settings (in vitro laboratory)
  • culture of fertilized egg cells (embryos) and the application of additional procedures in accordance with the physician’s and/or embryologist’s recommendations
  • preparing (with the use of appropriate medications) the woman’s uterus for the reception of an embryo and for the maintenance of pregnancy
  • transfer of one or more embryos to the woman’s uterus (embryo transfer)
  • verifications – laboratory tests for the purpose of monitoring the patient after the embryo transfer

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Published: 3 November 2015 Updated: 24 March 2017