• There are many causes of infertility, and the most simple is their division according to the origin of infertility:
  • male infertility – we speak about it in the situation where sperm cells are incapable of fertilization or this ability is reduced
  • female infertility – when infertility results from hormonal, immunological disorders or anatomical anomalies (congenital or acquired) of reproductive organs
  • couple infertility – when impaired fertility is present in both partners, giving in their case definitely lower chances for having a child together
  • idiopathic infertility – when despite diagnostic testing, we cannot find a specific factor responsible for the lack of pregnancy, and the couple still cannot become parents. This situation is also possible in the cases of confirmed fertility in previous relationships with other partners.
  • Another one is the division by the following criteria:
  • primary infertility / sterilitas primaria / – where a woman has never been pregnant
  • secondary infertility / sterilitas secundaria / – where a woman was pregnant and the pregnancy ended with a birth or in miscarriage, and now she cannot get pregnant
  • inability to conceive or carry to term / infertilitas / – i.e. a situation where there are no problems with conceiving but the pregnancy ends in miscarriage.

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Published: 5 November 2015 Updated: 4 April 2017