Care and assistance for Patients during infertility treatment

//Care and assistance for Patients during infertility treatment
Care and assistance for Patients during infertility treatment2016-11-10T12:49:25+00:00

Care and assistance

Infertility can affect everybody. People young and in mature age, healthy and struggling with other diseases, all suffer due to infertility. Most often the difficulties with conceiving a child are experienced by ordinary, loving couples who want to raise a family.

Infertility is a complex issue. It touches the most delicate spheres and most important dreams. Its treatment requires strength and courage. These are the uncommon problems of common people.

We are aware that for Patients both the diagnostic process and the treatment are associated with difficult emotions. At INVICTA we make every effort to ensure positive experience and the feeling of safety for the couples. At every stage they can get support from the team of experienced psychologists and medical staff. With our empathy, commitment and consideration we attend to our Patients with care and assist them whenever they need it.


INVICTA attends to Patients with care and provides them with assistance – in line with the top quality standard Fertility Excellence

Patient Assistant

Your Patient Assistant will attend to your needs at every stage of your treatment at INVICTA Clinic. His or her task is to provide Couples with detailed information, clear their potential doubts and answer their questions. Where possible, he or she will also help you in the organisation of the treatment process.

Dedicated midwives

A dedicated team of midwives support Patients by providing the most important information and advice in the course of treatment. Our qualified staff assist Patients during preparations to treatments and after them, help as regards medicines or medical examinations and answer the Patients’ questions.

Support from embryologists

The embryologists from In Vitro Laboratory provide free consultation within the framework of IVF Program. During consultation talks they supply Patients with information about the collected cells and the development of embryos, provide explanations to Patients’ concerns and present recommendations relating to the transfer.


Our psychologists are at your disposal from the very beginning of your treatment at INVICTA Clinic. The studies prove that using the support of this kind has positive impact on the efficacy of the treatment and the Patients’ well-being. In the framework of each IVF Program both or one patient can have two consultations free of charge. We recommend the meeting with the specialist also for Patients considering the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or the adoption of eggs, semen or embryos. The talk with the specialist will allow you to analyse the situation and take the informed decision on the treatment. [Learn more.!!!!!!!!]


In the course of your treatment you can consult with the dietician. Our dietician will prepare the individual nutrition plan favourable for fertility and tailored to the needs of a given Couple and will provide advice on the potential modification of your eating habits.


If there is a suspicion that the difficulties with getting pregnant may be caused by factors related to the immune system, the Couple can consult the specialist in immunology. The immunologist will help to identify the potential barriers to conceiving and to plan the proceedings adequate to the Couple’s needs.

Genetics specialist

The Patients having concerns about the health of their future children can consult with the specialist in genetics. Such consultation is recommended in particular for women aged 35 and more who want to get pregnant, for couples who have experienced miscarriages or persons with genetic burden in the family. It can be also considered by the Patients who experienced failures of their previous IVF programs despite transferring embryos of good quality. The consultation with the genetics specialist and appropriate tests will allow you to take measures minimising the risk of transferring the disease or of occurrence of a genetic defect in your child.

The INVICTA-online web service provides the Patients with convenient online access to test results, doctor's instructions and prescriptions.

The individual, secure account provides you with the possibility of completing the first-time questionnaire before the initial consultation with the fertility specialist.