First steps – First visit

According to the recent years’ data, as many as 9 out of 10 couples achieve their goal with our clinics. Statistics include all Couples who consult at INVICTA clinics and continue treatment regardless of methods used. The majority of obtained pregnancies are singleton pregnancies, while approximately 40% are natural pregnancies obtained without using the IVF techniques.

In case of difficulties with conceiving a child the time is of the essence. The earlier the Patients seek the advice of the specialist and are properly diagnosed, the more effective help we can offer them.

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time unsuccessfully, we invite you to pay the visit to the Clinic and perform basic tests. On the basis of test results, during the consultation the doctor will be able to suggest further steps to you.

What should we take with us for the first visit?

In the interest of the best possible results of your treatment at INVICTA Clinic, we kindly ask you to prepare and bring with you for the first consultation visit your medical documentation of your current treatment.

Please pay particular attention to the documents including your medical history, hospital discharge summaries, epicrises, laboratory test results, results of medical imaging examinations (e.g. ultrasound), medical certificates with attached test results confirming the diagnosis and treatment, information about previous surgeries and interventions (including inseminations, IVF programs) and other documents providing the basis for the verification of your medical situation by the doctor.


What documents should we fill before our first visit?

In the first place the Couple completes the extended (first-time) Medical Questionnaire. A detailed medical interview is the integral part of the Proprietary Infertility Treatment Model – Fertility Excellence at INVICTA Clinic. It is one of the key elements of the Patients’ diagnosis. The (first-time) Medical Questionnaire should be completed both by female and male partner. We kindly ask you to appear at the Clinic for your first visit approximately 30 minutes in advance.



The plan and structure of the First Consultation have been developed in line with the Proprietary Infertility Treatment Model – Fertility Excellence created by Professor Krzysztof Łukaszuk, PhD, MD.

During your consultation with the Clinic’s expert, your medical history, clinical condition, and the results of your laboratory tests and imaging exams will be discussed in detail. The consultation is also the occasion to dispel any concerns and answer the questions you may have. This will allow you to take informed decision on further proceedings.

The First Visit lasts 30-60 minutes depending on the Patients’ case and needs.

The first consultation visit consist of 5 parts

  1. Medical consultation with a midwife (free of charge before each first visit)
  2. Verification of the First-Time Questionnaire with a physician
  3. Analysis and evaluation of the results of laboratory tests and submitted medical documentation
  4. Gynaecological and ultrasound examination of the female partner
  5. Suggested offer of the Individual Treatment Program or further diagnostics

If it appears that for you the best solution is the in vitro fertilisation, the visit qualifying to the IVF Program can take place on the day of the first consultation visit or on the next day. Every subsequent appointment with the doctor will be made depending on the moment of commencement of the preparations to the IVF Program. Immediately after the visit we will invite you for the meeting with your Patient Assistant in order to agree the details of your treatment process.

In order to set the date of the appointment with the specialist in reproductive medicine at INVICTA Fertility Clinic:

  • Register your visit
    If you want to book a visit to our Clinic, please contact us at our Call Centre number: 58 58 58 800 or complete the “Get in touch” form. Our consultant will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Before the visit
    The INVICTA staff will help you in selecting a doctor and setting the convenient date for your visit. They will also answer your potential questions and clear your doubts.
    Before your visit you will receive a full set of information (they may be sent to the indicated email address), which will help you to prepare to the first visit. In order to ensure the possible highest effectiveness of the consultation we recommend that you perform the panel of first-time diagnostic tests prior to the visit (both female and male partner).
  • Visit to the doctor
    We kindly ask you to appear at the Clinic for your first visit approximately 30 minutes in advance for your medical interview. During the visit the doctor will discuss with you your situation and suggest the adequate proceeding (continuation of natural methods of achieving pregnancy or medical support tailored to your needs).
  • After the visit
    After the visit follow your doctor’s instructions. You can check the referrals for tests and their results after logging to Should you have any questions at this stage, you can contact the Clinic using the “Get in touch” form. Your inquiry will get directly to your Patient Assistant.


Infertility in the World

The problem of infertility in the world affects a growing number of couples. Unfortunately, a part of them are unaware of their problem. Postponing the commencement of treatment results in significant decrease of the efficacy of applied therapeutic procedures. This is why the early diagnosis and therapy introduced at the proper time is so important for the treatment. Patients at INVICTA Clinic are treated in line with the assumptions of the Proprietary Infertility Treatment Program, which is the only medical program in Poland awarded the “European Medal for Services”.