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In Vitro All Inclusive - INVICTA

Basic in vitro package – for one flat fee
– starting from 9.300 PLN

The In Vitro AOptimum Programme means the following, among others:

  • Basic set of medical visits
  • Basic in vitro procedures – ICSI, Culture up to the blastocyst stage
  • Procedure of egg cell collection under general anaesthesia
  • A package of stimulation medicine – without any limit
  • Personalised programme of hormone stimulation
    – designed individually for each patient
  • The programme is performed by the most experienced team of embryologists in Poland directed by Dr Joanna Liss


Program compliant with the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) Guidelines


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In Vitro Optimum Programme
basic treatment – for one flat fee

The In Vitro Optimum Programme is a programme where – for one flat fee – patients may have access to basic medical procedures associated with in vitro fertilisation.

In Vitro Optimum™ is especially designed for patients who would like to reduce treatment costs but who at the same time would like to maintain appropriate quality of treatment. This programme includes standard medical procedures associated with in vitro, such as preparation for stimulation, necessary medications, egg cell collection and embryo transfer, as well as additional elements increasing the efficacy of therapy such as ICSI, culture up to the blastocyst stage and general anaesthesia for the pick-up procedure along with a consultation with an anaesthesiologist.

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9.300 PLN

Programme without a set of medications for stimulation
This programme is designed for patients who are eligible for reimbursement of medications for hormone stimulation.
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13.000 PLN

Programme with a set of medications for stimulation
In this programme, patients obtain a full set of medications for stimulation – no limits. Only a physician makes a decision regarding dosage.
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One flat fee includes the following elements, among others:

Medical consultations

Visits in the programme with an anaesthesiological consultation.

Laboratory tests

A set of laboratory tests – including: tests for hormone tests during stimulation, tests prior to collection of egg cells, anaesthesiological tests.

Medications for hormone stimulation

A set of medications for hormone stimulation – no limits – depending only on medical recommendations and a stimulation protocol. The stimulation protocol is designed individually for each patient.

Procedure of egg cell collection

A procedure of egg cell collection under general anaesthesia and ultrasound monitoring combined with necessary tests. The procedure is performed with the cooperation of an embryologist.

Procedures in the in vitro laboratory

Preparation – semen preparation, ICSI, culture up to the blastocyst stage.

Embryo transfer

Preparation of the mucosa and embryo transfer on day 5 of the culture combined with hospitalisation at the post-surgery ward under the care of a midwife and physician.

Embryo freezing

Freezing of remaining embryos using vitrification and 1-year storage in a professional cryo-bank.

Consultation after the programme

Medical consultation when the programme has been completed to assess its effects. In case of a failure, a consultation is preceded by a medical team consultation and a personalised plan of treatment is prepared.


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In Vitro Optimum Programme includes:

Visits - all ultrasound assessments during treatment cycle and consultations with midwives
IVF medications without limits (IVF All Inclusive+)
All tests during treatment cycle including:
- Laboratory tests prior to egg collection surgery (anesthesia)
- Stimulation control - 8th day of stimulation tests
- Laboratory tests prior to egg collection surgery (pick up)
- Laboratory tests- after embryo transfer
Anesthetic consultation
General anesthesia for eggs collection procedure
Eggs collection with ultrasound (Pick up)
Semen preparation
Blastocyst culture
AH (assisted hatching)
IMSI-MSOME / FAMSI / Donor sperm (from INVICTA European Genetic Sperm Bank)
- one procedure for selection in accordance with medical indications
Embryo Glue
Embryotransfer (ET)
Embryos freezing (vitrification) and one year storage
Implantation supervision
Follow up medical consultation in the event of a negative outcome
IVF All Inclusive2.825 EUR
IVF All Inclusive+3.750 EUR

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