Egg donation / adoption

Donor Egg IVF Program is a solution for women who do not have their own or have too few eggs to carry out a successful in vitro fertilization procedure. At INVICTA Clinic we use our own Genetic Egg Bank thus guaranteeing the highest quality and obtained gametes and their availability.

The honorary egg donors of the INVICTA Gene Bank undergo a rigorous medical and psychological qualification as well as numerous tests, including infectious and genetic tests. The whole process is conducted in accordance with standards of international organizations dealing with assisted reproduction and embryology (including ASRM, ESHRE).

Donor Egg IVF Program is unique to due to its transparency rules – the Patients from the very beginning know how much fresh and frozen eggs will be used during their procedure. In addition, during the entire treatment process the patients are attended by the qualified staff and physicians with experience in conducting in vitro fertilization with gamete donation.

IVF programmes with donor eggs

fresh and frozen eggs