Ovulation induction

Who is eligible for ovulation induction?

In the case of Patients with the problem of the absence of ovulation or sporadic ovulation we recommend the treatment aiming at its induction. Ovulation induction consists in administering a medication which stimulates the ovulation at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. In patients with regular ovulations, stimulation can increase the chances of achieving pregnancy through increasing the number of the Graafian follicles maturing in the same cycle. On the other hand, stimulation of the ovulation may result in the increased risk of multiple pregnancy – for this reason the treatment should always take place under medical supervision.

Standard at INVICTA Clinics

In the framework of standards implemented at INVICTA, in the case of excessive response to stimulation the doctor determines the dosage on a case-by-case; this is why the multiple birth ratio at the Clinic is very low – comparable to that achieved in the top fertility centres in the world.

Standard at INVICTA Clinics

There are many protocols of ovulation induction, based on various pharmaceuticals. The decision on the appropriate method of treatment is taken by the doctor on the basis of data obtained during the interview with the patient and the results of previous diagnostic tests. The drug selection is always based on the medical situation of a given patient. We use our best efforts to maximise the patient’s chances of successful treatment, and at the same time to ensure her full safety in the course of treatment.