Infertility treatment – assistance and support from psychologists

Infertility treatment – assistance and support from psychologists2016-11-10T12:49:27+00:00

Psychological support

For many Patients, coping with the infertility problem is a huge challenge. Diagnostics and treatment is often associated with concerns and difficult emotions, this is why it is so important to provide Couples with professional support in this process. Patients of INVICTA can use – at each stage trying for a baby – the assistance of psychologists with many years of experience in working with couples, including those coping with infertility.

Studies confirm the positive effect of psychological support on the efficacy of treatment – chances for pregnancy increase by up to 30%.

Psychological support can have various forms. Patients may use the following:

  • Psychological advice (aimed at solving the reported problem)
  • Psychological consultation (examination of psychological condition with the methods of clinical psychology)
  • Psychological therapy (the process of various psychological interactions aimed at achieving the optimal level of functioning)
  • Crisis intervention (providing assistance in the psychological crisis induced by a disease and its circumstances)