I can’t get pregnant!

Don’t wait any longer! Start the treatment as soon as possible! Check what the most common causes of infertility are.

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How should I start treatment?

How should I start treatment and prepare for the appointment, what medical checks should I make before the appointment?

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Available methods of treatment

Cycle monitoring, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization with additional procedures.

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PGS-NGS 360º

Genetic diagnosis of embryos using latest NGS technique. Test all 24 chromosomes with unprecedented accuracy.

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Sperm Analysis

Male half of the society may believe that infertility is a problem affecting mainly women. Meanwhile, research shows male factor contributes to 50% of cases when a couple has trouble conceiving a child.

Have your semen tested today – from 100 PLN.

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IVF All Inclusive Program™

Probably the most effective In Vitro program in Europe – with just one flat fee payment you will receive everything you need for a complete IVF treatment!

Al ready from 2825 EUR

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IVF All Inclusive Egg Donation Program

IVF All Inclusive Egg Donation Program is a solution for women who do not have their own or have too few eggs to carry out a successful in vitro fertilization procedure.

The shortest waiting time for egg cells in Poland – from 1 week

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