Fertility Excellence

Fertility Excellence is a unique model of proceeding aiming at improving the efficacy and accessibility of specialised treatment for patients. It assumes the personalised approach to the problems of each couple with the simultaneous optimisation of costs related to diagnostics and therapy.

The Fertility Excellence Model has been developed on the basis of proven quality standards, recommendations of international medical associations and patient organisations, data of over 2000 patients gathered throughout the years and performed scientific analyses. In 2011 the program created on the basis of Fertility Excellence has been granted the prestigious European Medal for Services awarded by the Business Centre Club.

The Fertility Excellence Model means:

  • the ability to estimate efficacy and determine the financial framework of the therapy prior to its commencement;
  • selection of additional procedures, diagnostic methods and systemic solutions which allow increasing the treatment efficacy in Patients who, until now, not always could be helped;
  • significant increase in the percentage of obtained pregnancies – average reaching 60%

Thanks to the advanced laboratory diagnostics and on the basis of performed tests we can compare the anticipated efficacy of treatment with the costs incurred by a given couple; therefore the Patients have the possibility take the decision on the treatment – fully aware of the chances and risks relating, among others, to its efficacy.

Owing to the advanced laboratory diagnostics and the proprietary methodology of test evaluation from the point of view of the therapeutic process, certain stages of this process, e.g. hormone stimulation, are planned more rationally as regards their financial aspects. This results in the ability to minimise the treatment costs without compromising its efficacy.

The Model is supported by modern IT solutions – including the INVICTUS system. These solutions allow the scientific team led by Professor Krzysztof Łukaszuk to manage the treatment process of each Patient individually. It is subject to strict standards and constant monitoring – both as regards the diagnostic scope and applied medical procedures.