Why patients from UK, Scandinavia, Germany, Russia looking for ivf abroad – choose INVICTA IVF Centers in Poland?

A growing number of infertile couples from England, Germany, Scandinavia, Australia, USA and Russia who are looking for ivf treatment abroad decide to perform IVF in Poland. Polish centers offer high quality of service, adhere to international medical standards and are a lot cheaper. One of the most popular Polish ivf clinics is INVICTA in Gdansk and Warsaw, which successfully competes with similar centers in England, Spain, the Czech Republic and Australia to provide patients with higher efficacy and a very high standard of service.

cartoon thinking manFrom year to year the number of patients from England, Germany and Scandinavia using our services is constantly growing. They are usually attracted by very high efficacy of treatment, comfortable conditions and experienced doctors. All this, at a relatively low cost. In comparison with other European countries our prices can even be three times lower. Moreover, we are the only clinic in Poland, performing preimplantation diagnosis PGD – which increases the chance of an offspring for genetically burdened couples. – stresses prof. Krzysztof Łukaszuk PhD, MD – Chief of INVICTA Fertility Clinics.

Our clinic provides patients with access to comprehensive diagnosis of the difficulties in getting pregnant – including: hormonal, immunologic and genetic tests. We also run our own medical laboratories, which specialize in the analysis for infertility. The laboratories provide our physicians with access to reliable information concerning the health of people receiving treatment, and allows for accurate diagnosis – says prof. Lukaszuk.
At this stage, the possibility of further consultation with specialists in various fields of medicine is important as well – if the case requires, patients may benefit from a consultation with geneticist, immunologist, endocrinologist, oncologist, nutritionist, psychologist, and many other experts.

For infertile couples, who are looking for ivf treatment abroad, the access to modern methods of treatment is of crucial importance. Couples are first diagnosed, and then doctors determine the most optimal course of treatment. Patients have at their disposal, among others; intrauterine insemination, in vitro (ivf) fertilization, including additional procedures such as ICSI, IMSI-MSOME, AH, FAMSI, blastocyst culture and sperm separation, as well as, bank of semen, eggs and embryos.

PGD preimplantation genetic diagnosis is an innovative solution for couples who fear the birth of a sick child. It allows – within an ivf program – to examine embryos for genetic abnormalities. We have been performing PGD preimplantation diagnosis since 2005 – INVICTA is a precursor of this method in Poland. Only, INVICTA performs tests using next-generation DNA sequencing (PGD-NGS) and runs proprietary programs, dedicated to individual cases.

Numerous couples from England and Scandinavia get treatment in Poland due to attractive prices. The cost of an IVF program including a set of drugs and procedures, which increase treatment efficacy, in Gdansk is about 13 thousand PLN – 15 thousand PLN. The price depends on the couples’ medical condition, required tests, optimal course of treatment. At times, the amount is considerably lower, in certain cases it can be slightly higher due to specific patients’ needs. For those who appreciate psychological comfort and financial predictability, we have prepared a special IVF All Inclusive package, within which, all the necessary elements of treatment are performed in a single lump sum payment, without any additional costs – says prof. Krzysztof Łukaszuk PhD, MD – Chief of INVICTA Fertility Clinics.

The efficacy of IVF treatment at INVICTA is about 55,3% – one of the highest pregnancy rates in Europe. For those who commute to us from afar, we offer organizational solutions, planning treatment ahead so that fewer visits to the clinic are required. We also offer assistance in planning your stay at local hotels. – adds prof. Łukaszuk.

A big advantage of Gdansk and Warsaw is their location. INVICTA IVF Centers are located in city centers – the journey by car from the airport lasts about 30 minutes.

prof. Krzysztof Lukaszuk
Medical Director, INVICTA Fertility Clinics Poland