Each year more and more Britons decide to undergo IVF treatment abroad. Out of numerous clinics in a number of european countries, for example the Czech Republic, France or Poland, one of the main destinantions for IVF is Spain. But the beautiful weather, warm temperatures and piqturesque views aren’t the only factors drawing them to the Iberian Pennsinsula – so what does Spain have to offer that the UK doesn’t?

IVF in Spain – general overview

One of the main factors drawing infertile couples from the UK to Spain is egg donation. Many people are encouraged by the affordable prices and the fact that in Spain there are virtually no waiting lists for this procedure. The reason behind that is a large number of egg donors, who are ensured total anonymity. Of course, all donors are tested for any diseases, both physical and psychological. Spanish clinics also offer a number of other medical procedures, for instance IVF, IUI, ICSI, AH, surgical sperm retrieval, blatocyst transfer, frozen embryo transfer, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and others. In Spain there is an abundance of clinics offering the above-mentioned medical treatments. The majority of them is situated in easily accessible locations, both by plane and by car. A large number of IVF clinics in Spain is located in the southern part of the country, for example in Málaga, Sevilla or Alicante, but you can also find medical centers in the northern and central regions, for instance in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid – the capital of Spain.

Law aspects in Spain

All forms of assisted reproduction in Spain are regulated by national laws, including 14/2006 (ART Law). Although Spain is regarded by many as a Christian country, there is a very open minded attitude towards IVF and other forms of assisted reproduction, which is enshrined in law. For instance anyone can be treated. This includes unmarried couples, singles and lesbians. There is quite a number of laws concerning egg donors. They are guaranteed anonymity, although parents will be given the age and blood type, and offspring will be provided with non-identifying information to help find genetic siblings. Additionally, donors are limited to only six live births. As far as frozen embryo transfer is concerned, a maximum of three embryos may be transferred. Storage is unlimited, but parents must come to a decision upon reaching 50 years old. In Spain there are also some procedures, the use of which is strictly limited, while gender selection is only permitted in the case of gender related hereditary diseases.

Costs of IVF treatment in Spain

In Spain there is quite a large variation in treatment costs. For example egg donation starts at around 7,000€, but some clinics offer this procedure for even 15,000€. It is also wise to be quite careful when looking at prices offered by some clinics, because often initial headline prices may not reveal the full cost. Sometimes it is needed to undergo various test before treatment, which adds to the overall cost, and quite often the cost of medication is not included, which in Spain is 990€ on average. Nevertheless, most of the treatment prices are quite affordable. For instance, a single treatment of IVF using own eggs costs around 5000€. The cost of egg donation is on average 7,000€, while the price of sperm donation oscillates around 500€.

IVF abroad: Spain or maybe another country?

If you are considering IVF treatment in Spain, it might also be worthwile to take a look at clinics and the medical procedures on offer in other european countries. Although IVF in Spain is affordable and the success rates are quite high, the prospect of hidden costs is a setback. One of the leaders in IVF treatment in Europe is INVICTA Fertility Clinic, which offers an all-inclusive program, the cost of which is only about 3,200€. This program gives you a chance to focus on your treatment, and not on the costs. Additionally, the success rates for IVF with own eggs and with donor eggs at INVICTA are very high, providing you with a high chance of falling pregnant. What is more, the Clinic has been specializing in in the diagnosis and infertility treatment for over 14 years and provides access to most up-to-date methods of treatment, all at a very reasonable price.