IVF is a procedure of fertilization of an egg cell in laboratory conditions. It falls into categories due to, among others, the origin of the cells that are used for the process. For instance the differentiation is made by the fact who the egg cell or cells is taken from. Because of that we can speak of in vitro fertilization with own egg or using an egg cell of a donor.

For various reasons IVF treatment with own egg might not be possible or preferable option. That is when a patient has no or not enough egg cells of her own, her egg quality is poor or her age does not allow her to conceive with her own eggs, also when she has a ovaries malfunction, had a anticancer therapy, suffers from complications after surgical operation etc. Then the use of donor’s ovum or ova is recommended in order to effectively carry out the procedure. Patients with female infertility factor who cannot conceive on their own often see a last resort in other’s women egg cells.

Every woman produces around 400 thousand egg cells then develops them one at the time during her lifetime. At the same time only few or none are exactly used for process of child conception. It leaves a great possibility for egg donation.

In most cases the donation is anonymous, but it is also possible for couples to know the egg donor. In that situation it is important to set the rules of donors future presence in couples life for example take legal steps to establish contract for this matter. It needs to explicitly spell out all the terms of any future relationship even when the donor is a relative or close friend.

If the couple has not contacted potential donor yet it is possible to use donor preselected by the IVF facility. The INVICTA clinics use their own Genetic Bank of Eggs which guarantees the highest quality and availability of cells. The whole process is entirely accordant to international standards of organizations that are concerned with methods of medically assisted reproduction and embryology.

In all cases of egg donation there are a set of rules that need to be obeyed. IVF programs vary in their requirements. INVICTA clinics conduct the extensive screening. The donors are carefully qualified, selected and undergo a number of tests in order to meet certain criteria. Donors’ body mass index have to be within healthy standards, they need to be at the acceptable age as well as genetically and psychologically healthy for the donation. Also infections and disorders need to be ruled out. Clinics provide patients with detailed information on the donors’ medical history, background, education etc.

The program’s rules are transparent and it has strictly specified proceedings that are known to both patients and donors during the whole process. The entire time they stay under the care of experienced doctors and well qualified staff of the facility where both donor and patient are being prepared, treated before the donation and where the transfer and IVF with partner’s or donor sperm is conducted. Remaining eggs of the donor might also get frozen for later use.