DNA tests – only in a proven laboratory

Autor: INVICTA | 30 March 2017

The analysis of genetic predispositions for diseases is becoming the key element of the modern preventive healthcare. There is even [...]

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Our tests save life

Autor: INVICTA | 8 November 2016

The laboratory diagnostics in haematology is of paramount importance. Early detection of anomalies allows for the quick referral of [...]

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Genetic causes of miscarriages revealed – revolutionary diagnostic technique

Autor: INVICTA | 15 October 2016

The cause of more than 60% of spontaneous abortions are chromosomal defects of the embryo or foetus. In order [...]

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The genetic embryo testing increases the chances of pregnancy from in vitro – study results

Autor: INVICTA | 8 October 2016

The most recent study results published in the Fertility and Sterility bring information which is important for infertile couples. [...]

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A new opportunity for couples with sex-linked diseases

Autor: INVICTA | 30 September 2016

Having in mind the couples with high risk of a sex-linked genetic disease in their children, the INVICTA Clinics [...]

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Through the Patients’ Eyes – Aneta and Paweł

Autor: INVICTA | 18 September 2016

There are many stories similar to that of Aneta and Paweł. Young people with aspirations and their heads in [...]

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Through the Patients’ Eyes – Justyna

Autor: INVICTA | 11 September 2016

Justyna had always had a lot of luck – she was the best student at school, she graduated from [...]

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Through the Patients’ Eyes – Ola and Jacek

Autor: INVICTA | 8 August 2016

The heroes of this story went a very long way, which to this day – when they recall past events [...]

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