Through the Patients’ Eyes – Joanna and Marcin

Autor: INVICTA | 1 July 2016

Joanna and Marcin gave themselves little chance that they would ever become parents. They were aware of the problem [...]

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Through the Patients’ Eyes – Ms Agata

Autor: INVICTA | 30 June 2016

Agata started her adventure with the infertility treatment three years ago. Can it be called an adventure? Today, from a [...]

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High quality of DNA testing in Poland

Autor: INVICTA | 23 June 2016

Tests evaluating predispositios  to hereditary diseases and genetic background of various abnormalities have been more and more commonly used in [...]

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Polish genetic tests rated among world’s best

Autor: INVICTA | 11 March 2016

Genetics is currently one of the most dynamically developing medical fields. DNA tests are more and more often used as [...]

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Certified embryo genetic testing – the only one in Poland

Autor: INVICTA | 15 February 2016

Thanks to PGS preimplantation diagnostics it is possible to effectively reduce the rate of genetic defects in children. This test [...]

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Poland’s Number One Fertility Clinic

Autor: INVICTA | 29 January 2016

In September this year Gazeta Wyborcza published the list of the best Polish in vitro clinics. The INVICTA Clinic in [...]

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How to choose Egg Donor

Autor: INVICTA | 16 November 2015

In Vitro With Egg Donor programs are a solution for couples with female infertility factor. It is meant for women [...]

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All there is to know about IVF

Autor: INVICTA | 10 October 2015

Among all recently developed medical technologies one of the most radically effecting human perspective is medically assisted reproduction. It has [...]

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