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Our facilities

For over 15 years the INVICTA experts have been helping our Patients to make their dreams about parenthood come true. Our Clinics are located in the largest cities of Poland, and our branches – also in smaller localities. We strive for providing the couples from the entire country with the access to professional care and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.

Klinika INVICTA Gdańsk

INVICTA Fertility Clinic Gdańsk
10 Rajska St.

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Klinika Invicta Warszawa

INVICTA Fertility Clinic Warsaw
6 Złota St.

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INVICTA Fertility Clinic Wrocław
208 Grabiszyńska St.

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Klinika INVICTA Gdynia

INVICTA Fertility Clinic – Gdynia
(satellite clinic)
50/3 Władysława IV St.

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Klinika INVICTA Słupsk

INVICTA Fertility Clinic – Słupsk
(satellite clinic)
15 Frąckowskiego St.

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T: 58 58 58 801

Get in touch / Register a visit

If you would like to:

  • register your visit to the INVICTA Specialist,
  • obtain detailed information about the scope of services at INVICTA,
  • learn more about the INVICTA Clinics,

please complete the Get in Touch Form. Our Consultant will contact you within 36 hours.