Justyna had always had a lot of luck – she was the best student at school, she graduated from a reputable university with honours, she knew foreign languages, gained prizes and awards in numerous competitions. While still a student, she got the internship in an international corporation, which allowed easier and faster development of her career comparing to most of her peers. She managed to achieve all this with virtually no help from her family. The girl already from her early age was raised by her grandma who did what she could to ensure her subsistence and care, but did not keep up with the aspirations of her ward.

Despite her successes, one thing kept bothering Justyna – still in the elementary school and junior high school, when all her friends were getting their first menstruation, she did not observe any signs of it. She began seriously worry about her health in high school. At that time she went to the doctor for the first time. She was 19 year old but she still did not menstruate. The gynaecological examination and ultrasound revealed no ovaries and too little body of the uterus. The diagnosis sounded scary, but she was too young to understand all its implications.

Justyna’s love

After some time she met Paweł who supervised her internship. She was then 21 years old, he – 30 years old. She was completely smitten by the older and mature colleague. From the first moment she knew that their relationship was something serious. When they began to talk about the issues of family and their common future, she mustered up the courage to have a difficult talk with Paweł. She said about her health problems and fear that she might not be able to be a mother. The Paweł’s reassured her conviction that he was the man of her life. Rather than worry, he immediately started to think about their possibilities. Immediately after the wedding, they decided to visit a specialist clinic dealing with infertility.

In vitro with donor eggs

The consultation and tests provided a lot of important information. Only with the support of Paweł and kindness of the clinic’s staff Justyna was able to cope with the diagnosis. It turned out that she did not have her own ova, and the only chance of having a baby was in vitro fertilisation using donor eggs. Justyna’s head was buzzing with obsessive thoughts – that was not how she imagined their future with Paweł and she did not feel ready for a fight, pain and stress. After returning home she had a long talk with her husband. When the excitement wore off, they decided to give the treatment a try. After 5 months of waiting, she found a donor with matching phenotypic traits. The fate smiled at them.

Justyna’s dilemmas

The first embryo transfer was scheduled just after Christmas. That was not easy time for Justyna – she was constantly thinking whether she manages to undergo the entire procedure, or will have enough strength to rise from defeat, in case of failure. Day after day her concerns grew larger… finally she decided to resign, let it go. She called the clinic and said she quitted the treatment. Paweł was surprised. He found it hard to understand the behaviour of his wife. He talked about the effort they put in the preparations, about their dreams, his dilemmas and how he was dealing with them. He stressed that he would accept any decision of Justyna, but asked her to give it some thinking. At first she did not want to listen to him it, but over time her motivation increased. She trusted her husband and again called the clinic.
Another date of the transfer was set for April. They decided that no matter what, they would not give up and would fight. To their surprise, the results of tests and medical checks indicated the pregnancy. They succeeded and already at the first go! The pregnancy proceeded without any complications, Justyna does not remember the labour at all – it seemed to her that it had lasted a moment. To this day she thanks Paweł that he would not let her give up then. Justyna regained her former self-confidence, and the fate smiled at her again – with the eyes of little Oscar She was happy more than she had ever expected…