Agata started her adventure with the infertility treatment three years ago. Can it be called an adventure? Today, from a time perspective, she prefers to think so about it. She didn’t expect that this process would be so long and demanding. Primarily, as regards its emotional side. She feared infertility since she had started thinking about her future family – seven years before her wedding, she underwent the resection of one ovary due to numerous cysts. The doctors assured her that nothing stood in her way to have her own children, but somewhere inside she felt a kind of uneasiness. This feeling was intensified by the fact that she had always had irregular menstruations and no specialist was able to make them regular. She took hormonal drugs, but every time she discontinued them, the problems recurred. The concerns about infertility might have been justified. Unfortunately, her intuition did not fail her.

But let’s begin at the beginning. Immediately after the wedding, she and her husband decided to start trying for a child. For the first five months, she tried to think positive, she was full of enthusiasm and hope. After another negative test and sleepless night, she visited her gynaecologist for the first time to talk to him not about female disorders but about fertility. The doctor who knew the history of her disease had her do additional tests, but their results did not indicate anything worrying. So, he sent her home. Agata did not give up – and so, for two years, she and her husband tried for a child unsuccessfully, at the same time visiting various specialists.
When their attempts brought no effects, they began to talk about visiting an infertility treatment clinic. The diagnosis left no doubts – premature ovarian failure. It appeared that the process had begun already several years earlier, but nobody before had thought about her disorders in that way. The contraceptive pills, which in such cases almost always cause regular menstruation, lulled her and her doctors’ vigilance.
It turned out that for Agata and her husband, the only solution is in vitro fertilisation. After long discussions and deliberations, they decided to undergo natural cycle in vitro fertilisation. They both wanted that treatment be as similar as possible to natural conditions. For ideological reasons, they did not want to have excess embryos. From the beginning, they were informed that there was a risk of failure in obtaining the ovum or of obtaining the ovum of inadequate quality. This in turn may influence the effectiveness of the whole treatment. As a couple, however, they were determined to fight for happiness and wait for the effects. The first collected egg cell was immature, and therefore its fertilisation failed. They didn’t despair – the doctors had warned them that the natural cycle procedure might carry such risk. In order to ease her slightly dashed hopes, Agata threw herself into her work. She wanted not to think for a moment what there was still ahead of them. They undertook another treatment attempt already after one month – at that time, 1 embryo was obtained. Since the prognosis was not very good, they decided to have the embryo frozen. At the third attempt, once again no embryo was obtained. This time, they felt so mentally burdened, tense, stressed, that they decided to postpone further efforts for some time. Also, they met with a psychologist. They needed support to cope with the difficult situation and learn to give each other strength. After less than a year, they were ready to try again. For the last time, as they decided. If the programme failed, they would consider other solutions. The doctor advised against another natural cycle cell collection. Having analysed all pros and cons, Agata and her husband decided to have the transfer of the previously frozen embryo. This time, they needed be patient. Subsequent verifications gave them hope that this time they would succeed. At last they heard from the doctor what they had been long awaiting for so long: the bHCG result indicated the pregnancy! However, Agata, based on the experience of previous events, tried to remain calm and tame the hope budding in her heart. Unlike Piotr, who almost immediately started to choose names for the baby. Today, they are already together – and everyday their daughter Ania is a joy for their parents’ eyes. And though she is a spontaneous child who demands attention, she gives her mom and dad unimaginable happiness.
What did INVICTA give Agata? As she says, in the first place it gave her hope… she stresses that the doctors, although they always explained all the possible scenarios, they also helped her believe that the struggle made sense. She knew that for the clinic’s team she was just another case, but the person for whom they wanted to try. This is why Agata is still the patient of Invicta. Although now, sitting in the waiting room, she already feels other emotions… she is a strong and courageous woman who takes care about her health. And she derives joy from the closeness of her family – a loving husband and a daughter to whom she devotes every moment.