Actually, already during our university years. We were among only few couples who thought of family already in that time. Both I and my husband always dreamed about several children and a house full of life.

We started trying already during our weeding journey, being sure that immediately after our return we would proudly break the news about my pregnancy to my relatives. I didn’t get pregnant at once. A few months had passed before the test showed two pink lines. We were more than happy. I wanted to rush headlong into the shopping for the baby and preparations for its arrival at once.

My husband was calmer about this. We both went to a gynaecologist to see how the baby was developing. Our joy did not last for long – I miscarried in the 3rd month. This was a great shock for both of us, but pretty soon we decided to try again. I learned about my second pregnancy during my visit to the doctor – at that time I was concerned about the symptoms of infection. With our painful experience in mind we tried to be more reserved about the news. Weeks were passing and I couldn’t already hold back this wave of happiness increasing and maternal instincts waking up in me. Alas, again these all emotions had a sad ending. The heart of our treasure stopped beating in the 10th week…  We made two more attempts at fulfilling our dreams – for the first time a year after losing the second pregnancy and the next one – six months after the third miscarriage.

We had already no more strength left. We were healthy, already a bit older, very sad and depressed. Then my friend who was getting the fertility treatment said that I should seek the advice of the specialist in genetics. She said that she had heard that pregnancy losses could be related to mutations in certain genes. We decided to learn more and we made an appointment in the clinic. The doctor told us to do karyotype tests, she pretty much lifted our spirits, giving us hope.

It appeared that my husband had a translocation. Due to this translocation some embryos, although they got implanted in my uterus, didn’t develop properly. That caused miscarriages after several weeks.

We knew that we were running out of time and we didn’t want to experience the loss again. We decided on in vitro and PGD. This wasn’t an easy procedure, the treatment of this type is not pleasant and requires huge self-discipline, perseverance. In addition, due to the costs, we had to modify our plans a bit. However, it was no price at all for the smile and love of our wonderful son. When he was born, I thought that our life was complete at last, that now we could be a happy family. And I was right.