I was always one of those exceptionally ambitious and determined men. For many years I was focused mainly on my education and career. I didn’t have time for love, or raising a family. I met Kasia already at the university. At that time I had no chance with her. A beautiful, tall, slim blonde, smart and ingenious. “She’s perfect” – I thought. I took me several years before I managed to invite her out. For some further years I tried to gain her trust and win her love, and finally I heard the magic and long-awaited “I do”.

Our marriage has always been very successful. Even today we understand each other without words. The first obstacle on our way to happiness appeared when we started trying to have a baby. We were both ready to become parents and both me and Kasia couldn’t wait to hold our baby. After a year of unsuccessful trying we went to a fertility clinic. At that time Kasia was already very resigned and full of grief. She felt guilty that she couldn’t give me a child. I didn’t know how to help her. We visited many specialists; my wife had to undergo plenty of medical exams and tests. Nobody was able to find the real cause of our problems. We heard many diagnoses, after some time every of them proved incorrect. I saw how Kasia was gradually sinking into despair, but I still hoped that finally someone would help us.

After two years of travelling to various facilities we got to the fertility clinic in Gdańsk. The doctor asked me at once what tests I was referred to. I was surprised. Me? But I am a man, it’s not me who will bear a child, I have never had problems with satisfying my partner. For a moment I felt piqued, but I managed to hold back my emotions. I would do anything to help Kasia.

The doctor convinced me to make the laboratory semen analysis. I felt discomfort at the mere thought that someone would go into my intimate life. “After all, I am healthy, I have never been ill” – I kept repeating to myself. A week later I held in my hand the results of my tests. “Ejaculate volume below 0.5 ml, sperm concentration abnormal, total sperm cell count in ejaculate below normal, vitality < 58%.” What does this all mean?! During my visit to the specialist I learned that my semen is too weak to fertilise the female egg. At that time the doctor’s words sounded like a sentence. I could think only about Kasia and how much suffering she experienced during the last two years of our trying. I could help her. I was so close to the correct solution, but my male pride and prejudice didn’t allow me to admit that I could be the cause of our problems.

After several months of the therapy, one day Kasia came to my workplace. When I saw her in the door of my office, I didn’t have to ask any questions – after all, we understand each other without words. On that day I felt the happiest man on Earth. I still do.

Patrycja arrived in January 2010. She was born big and healthy and got 10 Apgar points. The labour was short, Patrycja pushed to the world like a crazy. She is our Little Warrior – she will be as ambitious and hard-working, as her Dad. Now I and Kasia are thinking about next baby. The little one has to have somebody to support her when her Dad will be at work.

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