Uterine Muscle Activity Test (UMA)

//Uterine Muscle Activity Test (UMA)

Uterine Muscle Activity Test (UMA)

Treatment effectiveness is our priority. In order to provide the patients of the Fertility Clinics with access to state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions, we have enriched our offer with a new test – Uterine Muscle Activity Test (UMA).

What is the UMA Test is and what is its aim?

The UMA Test is the examination of the activity of the uterine muscle, designed to assess the potential factors affecting embryo implantation. The analysis is carried out at the time determined by the doctor, based on the recording from the transvaginal ultrasound examination supported by an IT system.

The UMA Test is an innovative service that allows, in particular, the assessment of the potential causes of failures of IVF programs and embryo implantations related to the uterine contractile hyperactivity. Findings from the test allow to supplement the in vitro fertilization program with the treatment (oxytocin receptor antagonist administered by intravenous infusion) increasing the chances for pregnancy.

The aim of the test is to increase the effectiveness of infertility treatment by means of the identification of patients with uterine contractile hyperactivity and/or indications for additional treatment. The test is one of the elements of the personalized treatment of implantation disorders.

Indications for the test:

  • The UMA Test is recommended for female patients after previous IVF program failures despite the good quality of transferred embryos.
  • It can be performed also in case of other medical indications if a specialist sees diagnostic benefits from the performance of the test.

Preparation for the test:

  • If the UMA Test is performed on the day of transfer, the patient should have full bladder (instructions as in case of preparing for transfer). If the test is performed on any other day – the patient should have empty bladder.

Description of the course of the service:

– On the day of the test the patient reports at the Clinic’s registration desk.
– The UMA Test is performed in the treatment room by a midwife.
– The test includes:

  • ultrasound exam performed using a vaginal probe in a gynecological chair; given that the uterine muscle activity has to be analyzed over time, the test lasts for approx. 6 minutes; in this time the patient should remain motionless.
  • analysis of the recorded video (ultrasound image recording), supported by a special software, performed by a specialist physician
  • discussion of the results during a consultation visit

The Patient is given the printout with the test result and description at the scheduled consultation visit; during this visit the doctor – following the analysis of the recording – discusses the result.

The UMA Test is a non-invasive test (ultrasound), so afterwards the patient can return to her usual activities. The recommendations concerning the further course of infertility treatment are formulated by the doctor based on the obtained test results.

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