Finding out that you are infertile is a heartbreaking and hard moment. However, most people diagnosed with infertility do go on to become parents. If you and your partner are having problems with conceiving, you are not alone. About one in seven couples may have difficulty conceiving naturally. This is approximately 3.5 million people in the UK alone. There are a number of causes of infertilty, for instance endometriosis, low sperm counts, problems with the uterus or fallopian tubes, problems with ovulation and many others. Having said that, for about 25% of couples, the cause of infertility is unexplained. While in some cases artificial insemination or fertility drugs may help conceive, many people will have to go on to high-tech procedures, such as IVF.

What to do before IVF treatment?

If you have been diagnosed with infertility and have decided to undergo IVF treatment, the next step is to choose a fertility clinic. Although this may seem easy, believe me, it is not. There are many infertility clinics located all around the world, offering various types of treatment at varied costs, and, most of all, with different success rates. So what should you look for when choosing a clinic? The answer is not simple, but there are some ways of making the whole process easier. First of all, you should decide what are the most important factors for you. For some, it will be the proximity of the clinic, while others may prefer to travel abroad to receive the same treatment at a considerably lower cost. If you find yourself torn between a few clinics, you can compare them on one of the many websites set up to help infertile couples choose their perfect medical center. Since infertility can have a highly emotional impact on couples, it is also wise to look for a support group or therapist. Many people also find it helpful to join internet forums or facebook groups, which bring together people with similar problems.

IVF costs – the UK or abroad?

It is very hard to determine the overall cost of IVF treatment. Prices greatly vary according to specific clinics and their location. However, clinics outside the UK usually offer the same types of treatment at a considerably lower cost. For example, a single cycle of IVF (excluding additional costs such as medication, blood tests, visits etc.) in the UK costs approximately 7,000€, while in Spain it is aroud 4,500€, or in the Czech Republic even lower, because just 2,500€. What you need to be careful about is that quite often the initial headline prices do net reveal the full cost. Before undergoing IVF treatment you will most probably have to take some tests, which will increase the whole cost. What’s more, patients are usually prescribed fertility drugs to increase the chance of becoming pregnant. Unfortunately, the fertility pills and hormones are quite expensive and more often than not their cost is not included in the initial headline price. What you also need to take into account, is that most couples do not manage to conceive after just one cycle of IVF. If you have frozen embryos from a previous cycle, doing so is much cheaper than undergoing a compete IVF cycle with fresh embryos, but it still is a considerable cost.

All-inclusive program

There are many clinics which offer package deals or refund programmes, but one of the best options avalible is the all-inclusive program. You can find it at INVICTA Fertility Clinic, which has clinics in Gdansk, Warsaw and Wroclaw in Poland. What is so special about the all-inclusive program? This offer gives you access to a complete one cycle IVF treatment with a single lump sum payment. And by saying complete, I really mean it. For just 3,200€ you get all the necessary tests, medical visits, procedures and medications. Throughout the course of treatment you will not be surprised with any extra costs. The prospect of having all the formalities and costs covered will help you stay calmer during your treatment. The all-inclusive program gives you a chance to focus on yourself and your treatment, without worrying about anything else.